"Made for Making Memories" 

Mrs Minc by STUDIO MINC,
Special Occasion Wedding, Reception, Engagement and Bridesmaid Dresses. 'Made for Making Memories.'
Proudly Designed & Made Ethically in Australia, Mrs. Minc is for the Modern Woman.
Mrs. Minc by STUDIO MINC aims to be Beautiful, Effortless and Empowering Without Overpowering.


An unforgettable event requires an unforgettable dress. We are here to make memories that last a lifetime. Our goal is to help women feel confident, beautiful and look the best they can at their special event.
At Studio Minc we understand that these significant events create so many memories, and it’s these memories that will never be forgotten. With us you will find the dress of your dreams.


The Mrs. Minc collection by Studio Minc achieves the perfect balance of simplicity and glamour. Studio Minc’s designs aim to be beautiful, effortless, and empowering without overpowering.
This is achieved with extensive pattern making to create the perfect fit, quality fabrics and manufacturing. Mrs. Minc is for the modern woman. Our dresses are designed for the classic and timeless bride, but also the unorthodox bride whose having a beach wedding, location wedding, tropical wedding, or eloping.


Every dress at Studio Minc undergoes a unique and specific design process. Our dresses are designed with the wants and needs of our clientele in mind.
Every design must fit our criteria before the design is deemed a Studio Minc design. 

  • Is there an element of elegance, sophistication, and class? 
  • Is there an element of fun and sexiness? 
  • Does the design flatter and show off the female form? 
  • Does the gown achieve that perfect balance of simplicity and glamour? 
  • And will the dress be comfortable, yet still achieve an immaculate fit? 

If the design achieves this criteria, then the design can proceed from a vision to pattern making and production. STUDIO MINC takes pride in extensive pattern making to achieve and impeccable fit. Comfort and cut are at forefront of our designs. Our signature tailored cuts hug the body in all the right places and flatter many different body types. 


The STUDIO MINC team travels far and wide in search of beautiful, unique, and inspiring fabrics. We seek quality and fit-friendly fabrics that complement our designs. Studio Minc indulges in French, Italian, and Korean laces and embellished nets. Studio Minc’s sequin fabric is of the highest grade, which allows our gowns to achieve a liquid fit. Studio Minc seeks to be different and fashion forward and we are constantly searching for fabric with an edge.


We believe that our Australian manufacturing is the difference in achieving a higher grade of style and quality amongst off shore produced garments. We take pride in ethical manufacturing and sustainable fashion.
Our Australian manufacturing allows Studio Minc to produce on trend collections at a competitive rate, and enables us to keep up with the wants and needs of our clientele.
STUDIO MINC's exclusive and skilled team of Australian manufacturers also assures our clients that waiting times are kept to a minimum, and alterations are handled with knowledgable and equiped professionals.